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How Parents Can Encourage Literacy In Preschoolers

Encouraging children to read by developing their literacy from a young age is one of the best ways that a parent can help to ensure that their child has a foundation that they can build upon for the rest of their life. When many children enter their first year of school teachers have to start at the very beginning when starting to teach them to read. If you can give your child an advantage by exposing them to reading from a young age then you can help them to excel from the start of their time in the school system. So how exactly can you get your kids interested in literacy from a young age?

The first thing you can do should be obvious, read to them. By reading to your child every day you can show them that the books that they have tell stories that let their imaginations bring them to magical places. Reading to your child every day will encourage them to think and use their young brain instead of simply sitting there doing something like watching television. As you read to your child make sure that you are pointing out the words to them and teaching them what you are doing. Even though they won’t pick up on everything at once, over time the knowledge you are imparting them will accumulate. You will probably be quite surprised when your child starts to ask you questions, and can tell you about the story you are reading.

Even though television is often seen as bad for children’s development, it can be beneficial if you choose the right type of programming. By having your young child watch educational programming you can help transform a bad habit into a good one. There are a lot of programs out there that kids will love that actually teach them the fundamentals of reading and writing. The best part about this approach is that in most cases kids won’t even realize that they are learning. They simply think that they are watching television and having a good time.
Encouraging literacy in your child while they are still in preschool is an important way that you can help your child to develop early and excel. Children learn at a remarkable rate and as a caring parent you should take advantage of this to help give your child the best chance at succeeding in life. By investing a little time now you can help your child to thrive when they get older.