Adult Literacy Crisis in the United States


There is an adult illiteracy crisis in the United States, and this is not a hidden secret. In the state of Florida alone, there are around 2 million people who do not know how to read or write. Many of them have even graduated from high school and have jobs, but they earn far below their literate counterparts. We are going to talk a little bit about this crisis here.

A Social Problem

Most Americans are aware of this serious social issue. Most of America’s illiterate tend to live in poverty or are in jail and are surrounded by tons of economic problems. Even worse, many of these people are unable to get access to vital community services and health care because of the dire living conditions. There is also the fear that these adults living with illiteracy will pass thisĀ  misfortune down to the next generation – that is of course, unless we can find a solution.

Searching for a Nationwide Solution

Literacy programs and adult education are part of the solution to this social problem. In Fort Lauderdale alone there are over 5 different adult literacy programs available through the public library. However, it is often an embarrassment for illiterate adultsĀ  to seek the help in these programs to find the solutions to their problems. We must also bear in mind the fact that these solutions are unclear, and there are many root causes that play an important part in this problem. This social issue is not new, since society has tried to find a solution for decades. The fact is that there is something that is amiss in our educational system. Many local businesses and government organizations have attempted to end adult illiteracy but it is a battle that must be fought Nationwide and from the ground up. In Florida, where American adult illiteracy is most prevalent, a local ft lauderdale injury attorney has taken matters into his own hands and funded a national awareness campaign to help solve adult illiteracy.

Competitive Issues

There is also another important problem here since the United States cannot compete successfully in the global marketplace without stronger educational resources. The fact is that our educational system is substandard, and this may be the cause our economy to suffer in the long run if we can not find a long term solution.
We cannot deny there is an adult literacy crisis in the United States. This social issue is bringing about lots of problems to our society, since millions of people cannot get access to basic services. They live in poverty or are incarcerated, and this situation is hurting our future.

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