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It is never too late or too early to embrace literacy. Everyone has a role in ending it. You. Me. Choosing to not ignore the presence of these dire circumstances because of the digitized life. These words may be just scribbles to someone; meaning nothing to one who speaks the language.

Illiteracy is crippling and is directly related to the degree on has in life. Whether it is employment or health, the general outlook is poor. Illiteracy breeds a bleakness about life and stunts the both individual and the community. Children should be encouraged to learn how to read and right no matter their status. The unfortunate circumstance that leads to illiterate children is the lack in the same ability in their parents and adults around them.

The Cost of Illiteracy
The social injustices committed against the illiterate are vast. Adults who are illiterate are in low positions and are vulnerable to most risks associated such as poor health. Their basic human rights are abused by those that have disregard for honorable actions. They remain unemployed and even when they do get positions; they are exploited and paid less. Without the ability to read or right, people do not advance and remain unable to reach their full capability.

The consequences of illiteracy affect everyone. The community comes into contact with the affected or their actions. The illiterate persons fail to graduate from basic education levels and quite often drop out. This is followed by a general antisocial behavioral pattern that is created by the dim possibilities of the life presented. Without many options they turn to criminal activities for sustenance. This is a lifestyle marked with deception and more injustices.

Combat and Eliminate
Educating people on illiteracy and sensitizing the community towards the cause is the only way to end this ailment. Ignorance of the situation is enabling. Reaching out and creating access will not only combat illiteracy. It will eliminate it.

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